DevOps Automation Engineer


Job Type


About the Role

The DevOps Automation Engineer shall work closely with various Technology teams to deliver reliable, scalable and serviceable technical environments that implement product portfolio.

The role shall be highly technical and shall be responsible for research, design, implementation through automation, support and systems engineering assignments. A consistent approach to performance and measurement shall underpin all activities. Information security considerations shall be a primary obligation of the role.

The role demands pipeline automation skills, with strong communication and collaboration skills and requires motivation to achieve results in a dynamic business environment.


The activities of a DevOps Automation Engineer include but are not limited to such aspects as

  • Designing and developing scripts / tools for continuous integration and deployments. Designing and developing automation templates / tools for environment provisioning, configuration and change management.

  • Building and deploying applications to dev / test / prod environments.

  • Automating configuration management, infrastructure and application deployments in a toolset such as Ansible.

  • Owning, managing and improving release process. Focus on scale and efficiency.

  • Working with the other roles that make it all work (such as the DevOps Toolchain engineer, infrastructure, security engineers and development team leads) to drive the most optimal solutions.

  • Work in a fast-paced dynamic multinational environment.

  • Create and maintain documentation for the solutions provided.

  • Communicate with stakeholders and peers from different areas of our businesses, tailoring messages to the targeted audience.

  • Work with Engineers and Testers on software builds and deployment troubleshooting.

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of major system components (i.e., storage systems, Linux kernel, UNIX kernel, UNIX file system, Windows infrastructure, SQL and NoSQL databases).

  • Configure controls; install and troubleshoot applications.

  • Work closely with relevant technology groups to refine system monitoring and reporting.

  • Collaborate with the QA team to ensure test validation and release management principles are upheld.

  • Apply problem-solving skills to support assignments.

  • Diagnose system performance problems. Promote and support agile working and DevOps practices.

  • Develop scripts for execution of commonly used processes and automation of simple tasks.

  • Creation, execution, documentation and completion of tasks, changes, and requests.

  • Collaboration and teamwork; actively develop strong, supportive and collaborative working relationships. Promote knowledge sharing.

  • Actively participate into the coaching process of new team members.

  • Apply technical expertise to support strategic decisions and thought leadership.

  • Support Development teams using development tools, products and processes.

  • Continue expanding and improving our software delivery pipeline.

Experience / Skills Required

  • Well versed in Ansible.

  • Experienced in using Git.

  • Experienced in infrastructure as code tools, such as Terraform.

  • Experienced in automated build and deployments using Bamboo / Azure DevOps CI/CD.

  • Programming / scripting (PowerShell, Bash, or Python).

  • Jira; configuration, administration and scripting skills.

  • Working knowledge of container engines and orchestration systems (Docker and Kubernetes predominantly).

  • Proven system administration experience in heterogeneous environments (Windows / Linux with RPM package management predominantly).

  • Enterprise-level networking (TCP/IP, VPNs, SFTP, Proxy, Firewalls).

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.

  • Excellent problem-solving skills.

  • Strong research and validation skills.

  • Strong coaching and presentation skills.

  • Strong understanding of a variety of topics such as code versioning, merge conflict, code tagging, feature branching, audit trails, authentication, automated deployment.

  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English.

Desirable Experience / Skills

  • Hands-on experience with Google Cloud (GC) or other cloud providers.

  • Experience with message queues such as NATS, RabbitMQ, Kafka.

  • Experience with monitoring systems (Zabbix, Grafana, Prometheus).

  • Experience with DB administration is a plus (MSSQL and NoSQL MongoDB).

  • Knowledge of .NET (.NET Core).

  • Training / experience in conflict management.

  • MS Build, Docker build.

  • Knowledge of virtual server environments: VMWare, Google Compute Engine.

  • NoSql database experience: MongoDB.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Master or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience.

  • CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator.

  • Proven experience in systems engineering in a DevOps environment, where automation and release automation played a major role.

  • Proven experience engineering scalable cloud and virtual services.

What you’d be responsible for

  • Streamlined functioning of the software deployment pipeline.

  • Setup and tear-down of product-oriented environments for development, quality assurance, staging, pre-production and production.

  • Embracing innovation and experimentation in a structured way and empowering the team to think creatively.

  • Communicating effectively with peer managers, leaders and subject-matter experts in a matrix organization with overlapping areas of ownership.

  • Coaching people in the use of different processes and tools.

  • Embracing innovation and experimentation in a structured way.

  • Communicating effectively with peer leaders and subject-matter experts in a matrix organization with overlapping areas of ownership.

  • Working in a highly technical, multicultural environment.