Artificial Intelligence Adoption

Updated: Jul 6

Artificial intelligence coverage in business sometimes gives the impression that AI is a one-size-fits-all solution and “everybody does it.”

Learn what is viable and what is possible. It’s also essential to predict the AI solution’s potential impact on customers and employees.

Business leadership should identify the most crucial areas and determine whether AI is the right solution in the first place.

Companies need to think independently about where AI may benefit the company and understand how it can fit their business model. Companies should also recognize the complexity of AI deployment and manage expectations..


According to the RELX Report (RELX is a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers), 57% of the companies surveyed reported that AI improves and develops products. 54% said that AI helps in optimizing control and collaboration. For example, Businesses might first accelerate and reduce human error in back-office tasks like data entry, processing, and sorting. Start small and scale up as you go.

Big companies have dedicated groups in place for formulating business problems for AI and proving out hypotheses. These groups may also create techniques to manage the data pipeline, provide training across the enterprise, and so on. Other businesses often look elsewhere for data scientists with a deep knowledge of their specifics.

A business should familiarize with AI-powered chatbots, learn what deep retaining means or what data natural language processing requires, and which task each one is good for. For example, AI-based cognitive engagement can collect information, provide a more personalized customer experience, and help solve real-time issues. AI-powered chatbots may enhance your customer service. Predictive recommendations can help dramatically improve customer engagement and ROI. Data analytics gives the management the predictive power to make informed decisions and jump on trends before they happen. Artificial neural networks power multiple business cases too.

Find out how AI solutions can solve your kind of problem and deliver ROI from your AI solutions.

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