Artificial Intelligence "Smell "Recognition

Machine olfaction mimics the way humans smell by capturing odor signatures using biosensors, then using software solutions to analyze and display the odor data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) interprets the signatures and classifies them based on a database of previously collected smells.

Proposed machine olfaction technology acts through gas sensor array instruments capable of detecting, identifying, and measuring volatile compounds.

Establish a correlation between the concentration of the various gasses measured by the gas sensor and the associated smell. Acquiring a couple of seconds of sensor data would capture the olfactory fingerprint of each scent. With these few seconds of sensor data, the variation (min, max, average, etc.) of each gas's concentration would characterize each smell.

Though the earlier evolution, the technology promises many applications, such as quality control in food processing, detection and diagnosis in medicine, detection of drugs, explosives, and other dangerous or illegal substances, disaster response, and environmental monitoring.

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