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Unmanned Artificial Intelligence Retail Outlet System

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Increase customer satisfaction with personalized digital experiences

An unmanned store is a retail concept in which there is no service personnel and no cashiers in the store. Unlike an automated convenience store, the unmanned store concept relies on smartphone-related technologies and artificial intelligence to remove the standard features.

The face of retail has changed, but brands still need a way to build engagement, trust, and repeat purchases. With Conversational AI for retail, your brand can proactively connect with shoppers to unlock new revenue streams and deliver customer support touchpoints.

Brands need to ensure that employees can meet shoppers' personalized and scalable requirements, from brick-and-mortar to digital storefronts. Messaging and retail chatbot technology can make this easy.

Create unified, personalized consumer engagement experiences driven by superior Conversational Analytics and advanced customer experience integration from industry-leading speech recognition and Conversational AI.

Our retail AI annotation workforce securely labels and annotates data for high-quality computer vision and machine learning (ML) models. We label training data for autonomous checkout, retail robotics, fulfillment automation, and a wide array of AI-powered grocery, retail, and ecommerce use cases.


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