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IoT Powered Smart Carpark System for Smart Cities

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

How Smart Parking delivers our smart city integration technology

Technology plays a huge role in smart cities. It offers a real-time view of events. It also provides mountains of data that, with good analysis, can provide insights into behaviors and trends, meaning city operators can make informed decisions around future planning.

Smart parking development implies an IoT-based system that sends data about free and occupied parking places via web/mobile applications. The IoT device, including sensors and microcontrollers, is located in each parking place. The user receives a live update about the availability of all parking places and chooses the best one.

An IoT-based smart parking system, also known as a connected parking system, is a centralized management system that allows drivers to use a smartphone app to search for and reserve a parking spot.

Innovations designed by our in-house R&D and development teams mean we can offer advanced parking information to smartphones and rich information to smart cities via Cloud integration, resulting in greater convenience for motorists and operators alike.

Smart Parking’s solutions have a major role in the smart city eco structure, bringing about improvements in convenience, congestion, urban mobility, lower costs, and the delivery of practical information and intelligence.


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