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Unparalleled AI-driven Cloud Analytics Platform

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

A fully functional BI solution has all the tools to access, join and analyze multiple data sources of any size, along with powerful data visualization, including reporting and sharing capabilities.

All-in-one solution for Data Analytics technology optimized modern CPU complicated software and integration issues between database technologies and visualization tools. As a result, the technology’s capacity extends to its fullest to store, compress and access more data faster in real-time.

Combine all use cases, business objectives, and technical requirements in one strategy regardless of your tech stack. Then, create a robust DevOps analytics foundation that is fully automatable via extensive APIs and deep tech partnerships to meet your organization’s evolving needs across the entire data lifecycle.

No data is too big or too small to power your analysis: Real-time, cached, cloud data warehouses, data lakes, on-premises servers, in-application. Sisense Fusion is the data analytics platform that handles any data, from any source, in any format, whether structured or unstructured.

Go deeper with your data to uncover powerful forward-looking intelligence with custom code-driven analytics leveraging Python, R, and SQL. AI-powered intelligence for everyone goes beyond descriptive analytics without the need for data expertise.

The system empowers everyone to make intelligence-driven decisions, from the most tech-savvy developers to non-technical business users.


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