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Our Methodologies

We would build your product on a Time & Materials, Fixed Price, or Dedicated Team basis utilizing the agility method, solely depending on project specifics.

Time & Materials Model 

Under the Time & Materials model, we can build your software product either in a linear sequence of stages or in increments through constant communication with you. You pay only for actual work done on daily or hourly rates per specialist. 

This model is the right way to go when you don’t have precise software requirements and the exact project scope is hard to define or is likely to evolve. We develop your product in increments. You see the deliverables early and provide feedback, keeping the development process under control. 

You get regular reports from our project manager to track project budget and progress.

With this model, we build your software product for a price fixed upfront for the entire project. This often involves planning and estimating the entire project scope before development starts. 

This model is most suitable for projects with a well-specified scope and clear requirements that aren’t going to change. We agree on the total price of the project and start development based on the documented scope, reporting the progress regularly. This model requires little to zero involvement from your side after the requirements elicitation and planning stage.

During the development process, you may introduce changes but only through a formal change request process that will require amendments to the contract 

Fixed Price Model

Dedicated Team Model

Alternatively, you can simply hire our highly skilled engineers to fill in specific in-house skill gaps, or go for a full-fledged dedicated, and self-managed team. You get professionals that integrate seamlessly into your environment, bring in a fresh angle and ideas, and deliver top results with in-house-like dedication. 

This model is applicable when you need either extra engineering talent to boost your team or full-cycle services, from development to support. We agree on a monthly cost per specialist or team at the beginning of the project. You have full control over the team, budget, and development process.

We can replace any team member based on your feedback or requirements update 

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