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Combining Artificial Intelligence With Human Ethics For Better Engagement

Embedding AI-based Decision-ing Engine Inside an Ethical Framework

If you believe the robot takeover is imminent, you're not alone. Science

fiction has long painted artificial intelligence (AI) overtaking and eventually

enslaving humans. But today, AI is much more benevolent, practical,

functional, and already seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

Empathy is not about humans versus AI; it's about using the best of what

both offer. The future of AI-based decision-ing is a combination of AI

insights with human-supplied ethical considerations. When many channels

don't feature human agents, AI is the key to powering customer

engagement and optimization across all channels. While only 9% of

respondents said they were very comfortable with businesses using AI to

interact with them, there's no doubt people love self-service options when

they're accurate and efficient.

AI can do the heavy lifting in terms of decisions. Decisioning combines

machine learning to predict customer behavior and rules, which humans

supply. For example, human and machine insights determine the following

best action for a customer by embedding the AI-based decision-ing engine

inside an ethical framework.

Transparency is also key to helping customers better understand how AI

works. Therefore, organizations must employ transparent AI where

appropriate, which means their machines can explain precisely why AI

made a decision. For example, when someone applies for a credit card and

is denied, the exact reasons are readily available.

For now, empathetic AI isn't about teaching machines to feel but instead

using AI and rules about ethics and empathy to determine the following

best action to take for a customer. AI can decide on its own, based on the

data it collects and the rules in place, or it can recommend a course of

action to a human. Empathy is more than just delivering the right content or

offer; 67% of the audience doesn't believe relevant and valuable offers are

examples of AI demonstrating empathy. The following best action might be

to make an offer, or it might be to say thanks. It might be to pause and

listen to the customer first. And it could even be to put all actions on hold if

that is what's best for the customer.

Empathy Means Nothing Without Action.

We use our real-time, omnichannel AI capabilities to provide the most

prominent global brands with the ability to control their AI for impact and

empathy. In addition, we give organizations the technology to switch

between opaque AI and transparent AI, depending on what is required and

the tools to build and enable more empathetic actions.

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