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Is Artificial Intelligence Contributing Positively To Parenting?

A.I. can help you manage your expectation of your child’s performance

With artificial intelligence becoming a part of our everyday lives increasingly, it is essential to consider how this evolving technology will affect how we parent. Unfortunately, most discussions about parenting and A.I. seem to focus on privacy issues, but there are many other ways these two worlds intersect. A.I. Parenting produces media for parents passionate about the struggle modern families face today. The mission is to transform family screen time from sedating to relating and ultimately to creating. In addition, allowing the tech to help motivate kids. A.I. can help you find out what your child is struggling with Many educational institutes are adopting adaptive learning systems to help teachers and parents track each child’s progress. The design can sieve through large amounts of data as the child interacts with it over time at schools or enrichment centers. As a parent, you may be too preoccupied with work and family matters to monitor which subjects and topics your child is struggling with. But with the help of A.I., you can find out more by asking a teacher who has access to this extensive database of information about your child’s learning journey. In the past, parents and teachers would speculate on what subjects and concepts were difficult to grasp for a child. The advent of A.I., however, brings a radical change to better understanding an individual’s learning experience. With such data, your child’s teacher can now tell you what subjects require more practice and even how long your child takes to answer the questions in the system. This information can help you make targeted, more informed decisions on buying workbooks necessary for your child to practice. Gone are the days when parents would spend exorbitant amounts of money on workbooks covering a broad spectrum of topics without focussing on what their child needs most practice with. A.I. can help you manage your expectation of your child’s performance It is common for parents to be curious about how their child is performing relative to other students in their class. While it would have been difficult to obtain accurate information on this decades ago, A.I. can now help you as a parent identify your child’s academic standing and allow you to manage your expectations of them better. It is important to note that your child’s learning pace will vary compared to their peers. Therefore, regardless of your child’s performance in the classroom, it is vital to ensure that you continue to encourage them to keep up the excellent work or spend time asking your child if there are reasons why they may be falling behind. Information made available to you through the use of A.I. should only act as an indicator before you decide the following best action to take as a parent when guiding your child through their studies. A.I. can help you answer the never-ending questions raised by your child Having all the answers to your child’s questions is nearly impossible. But, even if you have the answers, can you confidently say that you can explain your solution in a way your child can understand on their terms? Rather than fretting over finding the correct answers immediately, why not make learning a fun activity that will allow you and your child to bond and learn together? In addition, not having all the answers can send a valuable message to your child that even as adults, the learning does not stop there and that we, too, should continue asking questions to learn. The next time your child asks you questions such as “Why is the sky blue?” you can pose that question to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Echo, or any other A.I. to find out more. Not only will you be able to answer your child’s questions quickly, but you may also learn something by delving deeper into these topics! A.I. can help you entertain your child while you focus on other pressing matters Like many other parents, you may stress over not being able to spend quality time with your child while you focus on completing the household chores. Instead of getting vexed with such a problem, try using A.I. to get the job done. Not only are Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo able to provide solutions to questions you and your child are curious about, but they can also recite audiobooks and play music for your young one. At the same time, you may be preoccupied with other issues. However, with the multitude of exciting and child-friendly content available, A.I. is worth a shot. #AiParenting

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