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Is WordPress Really Secure?

We outline a few of the most common WordPress security vulnerabilities, along with steps you can take

The answer to the question “is WordPress secure?” is it depends. WordPress itself is very secure as long as WordPress security best practices are followed.

If you own a WordPress-powered website or are considering using WordPress as your CMS, you may be concerned about potential WordPress security issues. We outline a few of the most common WordPress security vulnerabilities, along with steps you can take to secure and protect your WordPress site.

According to the latest usage of content management systems data from W3Techs, WordPress powers 34% off all websites. So WordPress security vulnerabilities are inevitable because not all users are careful, thorough, or security conscious with their websites. If a hacker can find a way into one of the hundreds of millions of WordPress websites on the web, they can scan for other websites that are also running insecure setups of old or insecure versions of WordPress and hack those too.

WordPress runs on open source code and has a team specifically devoted to finding, identifying, and fixing WordPress security issues in the core code. As security vulnerabilities are disclosed, fixes are immediately pushed out to patch any new security issues discovered in WordPress. That’s why keeping WordPress updated to the latest version is incredibly important to the overall security of your website.

It’s important to note that WordPress security vulnerabilities extend beyond WordPress core into the themes or plugins you install on your site. According to a recent report by, of the 2,837 known WordPress security vulnerabilities in their database:

  • 75% are from WordPress plugins

  • 14% are from core WordPress

  • 11% are from WordPress themes

In reality, a WordPress website will never be 100% vulnerability–free. Cybersecurity is an ongoing and evolving process, which means that you need to keep a constant eye on your website’s overall security. It’s about making yourself as challenging a target as possible for cybercriminals.

Is your WordPress site hacked and showing weird hack symptoms? We can help.

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