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NB-IoT Smart Meter Integrated Management System

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) also provides higher reliability, more accurate billing, and better quality of delivery while keeping utility costs at reasonable levels.

NB-IoT Smart Meter Integrated Management System provides more information to allow the customer to manage consumption, cost, and other decisions about service and usage.

With smart gas meters, gas companies can remotely monitor customers' consumption to manage their operations and demand and invoice customers efficiently. In accumulation, the gas can switch the gas flow on and off with smart meters equipped with a remotely controlled valve.

The Smart Meter Integrated Management System (SMIMS) manages NB-IoT smart gas meters with function sections: File Management, Data Collection, Remote Control, Statistics Analysis, System Maintenance, Deposit Management, Payment Management, and Abnormal Condition Management.

The advanced gas metering solution leverages established smart technology to facilitate billing reads, delivering status indications, and configurable usage and interval data.

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