NB-IoT Smart Meter Integrated Management System

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the liquefied form of petroleum gases released during crude oil and natural gas extraction or crude oil refining. As the industry-leading owner and operator of LPG carriers with decades of operational experience, champion competitive, sustainable solutions to secure enduring value for our society and stakeholders.

Gas metering and innovative solutions nowadays are increasingly in the spotlight. But, although the operator of LPG carriers talks about improvement, innovation, technological advancements, and the gas industry is consistently slow to do something different in the gas sector. The cooperation between an intelligent gas meter and a data management platform allows us to change how we have always looked at gas metering operations.

The Smart Meter Integrated Management System (SMIMS) is developed to manage NB-IoT smart gas meters with function sections: File Management, Data Collection, Remote Control, Statistics Analysis, and System Maintenance, Deposit Management, Payment Management, and Abnormal Condition Management.

NB-IoT diaphragm intelligent gas meter is used to measure the pipe's gas flow, which communicates with the server via the NB-IoT network. Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology can provide security, wide-coverage, massive connectivity, low power consumption, all at a low cost. Therefore, it is an ideal solution to the preceding problems and is well equipped to meet natural gas customers' development requirements.

The gas company collects gas fees and input the purchased amount into the gas meter via the NB-IoT network. When in use, the gas meter will automatically deduct the amount based on the set multi-tariff gas price. When purchased gas is used up, the gas meter will close the valve to stop the gas supply. Thus, the user has to repurchase gas for continual use.

Smart gas metering gives a chance to gas companies to better plan their internal operations, manage deliveries and the gas supply in an

optimized way, offering their collaborators the opportunity to work in a less stressful and safer way.

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